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One of my greatest intentions is helping people to improve their health and find more joy in their lives. As a mother of two young boys and with a schedule that keeps me on the go, I also understand the importance of self-care.


I’m a Pennsylvania native who fell madly in love with Hawaii while visiting a friend in 2002. Shortly after, I resigned from my middle school teaching position and made my way to Maui, where my husband and I made it our home. After taking my first yoga class on the island, I was filled with an indescribable feeling of happiness and contentment. I immediately began practicing yoga and then studying, completing my yoga teacher training at Wisdom Flow Yoga School. Exploring more of the healing arts, I discovered the vast health benefits of massage therapy, which led me to the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage.


I'm committed to provide services for those who are ready to incorporate balance and well-being into their lives. As a practitioner in the healing arts, I take immense joy in offering ways to embrace vibrant health.


I feel truly blessed to share yoga and massage with you!


- Jodi

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