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I love to work with clients on a one to one basis because I can really focus on their specific physical limitations and help them to improve their strength and flexibility. I have worked with clients who have issues ranging from tight or weak muscles, to more serious chronic pain related to sciatica, rotator cuff injuries, and limited range of motion because of strokes. I have helped cancer patients get through chemotherapy with restorative yoga. 


While I see some people for a one-time private yoga session, most of my private clients schedule private yoga weekly or biweekly.


The rate for a private yoga lesson is $80 an hour and $40 for a half an hour.


About Private Yoga

Within the first year of practicing yoga, my best friend gifted me a private yoga session with my yoga teacher, Jennifer Lynn. I was so excited and couldn't wait to work on the more advanced poses like handstand and headstand. However, Jennifer spent most of the session focusing on my rounded spine and teaching me to draw my upper spine deeper into my body. That private yoga lesson was the most transformative hour in my yoga practice.The fundamentals she taught me in relation to my posture and my body ultimately led to me learning the more advanced poses. 


In a private lesson with me, you will look at specific poses to help you bring your body into proper alignment, which will eventually lead to you mastering any yoga pose you can imagine. 

It's lovely to have someone come to your door, always timely, always cheerful, complete with her mat, music and essential oils, ready to help in your practice of yoga.  She starts with a story or life lesson on which our session that day is based. Good thoughts flow as we work together.  Jodi is simply wonderful!
- Mary


Yoga with Jodi is a life changer.  I never thought I would enjoy yoga.... Now I love it!!!   Yoga has become an integral part of my life!!!!   I feel amazing.... The benefits far exceed any other workout regimen I have ever done.  - Denise

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