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As a mobile-massage therapist, I bring the benefits of massage directly to your business. Chair massage is a great way to show your staff or clients how much you appreciate them.



What is chair massage?


Chair massage is a brief, stress-reducing massage given to an employee seated in a comfortable, supportive and portable chair.


The massage chair is provided by the therapist and can be set up in almost any location. Chair massage lasts from ten to thirty minutes and addresses tension primarily in the upper body, back, neck, shoulders, scalp, arms and hands. Chair massage creates an overall sense of well-being and leaves employees feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to return to work. Set up a one-time trial event such as a wellness program kick-off, health fair, or employee appreciation day.



What to Expect


Experience a state of peace and tranquility as you receive a relaxing, rejuvenating massage with light, medium, or deep pressure. Full body massages include hot towel treatments, scalp and face massage, and a reflexology foot massage. With warm towels and aromatherapy, experience a relaxing massage that stimulates circulation, releases stress, and reduces muscle tension. 


I offer Full Body Massage Services in your home and at my location in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. I also bring chair massage to your corporate offices as a way of relaxing and rejuvenating your corporate team. To schedule an appointment, please call 215.620.4103

"Jodi's unique Hawaiian style of massage, called lomi limi truly enhances your massage experience. Using a beautiful lavender scent, along with warm towels makes you feel refreshed, relaxed, and soothed. Your mind, body, and soul are uplifted along with your health." -Wendy


In his book, A Life Worth Breathing, Max Strom states, "We live in our bodies and we store our emotions in them. We call it stress, but that's inaccurate; it's not just stress, we actually store our emotions in different parts of our body. The fact that another human being can put their hands on you and take the pain away is truly a miracle.""By soothing the body, the emotions and the mind are soothed. I think massage is one of the most interesting and overlooked miracles in life."



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