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I currently offer private, in home yoga lessons. Call me to schedule your first lesson!

Yoga is a truly amazing practice that helps us find happiness by giving a deeper understanding and appreciation for this beautiful thing called life. Yoga is a practice. With regular practice you gain confidence and experience that builds an unstoppable momentum of healthy living. The practice teaches the body to come into proper alignment, which allows a free flow of fluids and energy. We are unsticking the stuck in our physical bodies and mental patterns. Yoga brings more flexibility to our spine, strength to our bodies, and length to our breath. The breath takes us into our body and the body takes us into our heart. Connecting with our hearts center, we feel the strength of life inside of us and the happiness inside of us. Yoga also clears our minds of negative thought patterns and creates a
clear, sharp, solution-oriented mind.


I invite you to come and practice with me. Every time you roll out your mat, you create a sacred space for yourself, a place for you to nourish yourself on a very deep level. As you walk on the yogic path, you will set aside your busy outer experience and begin a journey inward.

Through practice we feel gratitude for this life, filled with possibilities.

Corporate Yoga Workshop


This one hour workshop is designed for people who work at a computer for many hours a day. Employees will learn poses they can do in the office to help prevent and relieve back and neck pain.

"Jodi, I have to say thanks again for taking extra time to help me in your class today. I really appreciate it. I'm loving yoga and really getting a lot out of it. I had a particularly difficult week and was so looking forward to yoga. Not only was class tonight a challenging workout, but your kindness and understanding towards me as a newbie are comforting and encouraging. Please know that your goal of sharing yoga with as many people in the world that you can affect is happening, one person at a time." - Paul


"Jodi is very inspiring in each class. She keeps things fresh and new and handles the instruction so competently! Her love of yoga oozes out of her during class. Jodi's openness and genuine caring create a very comfortable atmosphere.” - Kim


"Yoga with Jodi has been such a wonderful experience! After my first Yoga class with Jodi, I spent the rest of the week feeling limber and loose. It was awesome! Jodi's spirit and love of the yoga practice is a true blessing to all she teaches. I always leave our yoga class feeling uplifted and energized." - Lisa W.


"Practicing yoga has changed my life. It's taught me to live in the moment. To be here now.  And nowhere else. Because of yoga, I've stopped to breathe." - Bethany M

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